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Windows 10 improvements possible, as Windows 10X gets cancelled

According to reports Windows 10X Operating system has been cancelled in favour to improve the standard Windows 10 OS.

Microsoft is reportedly working on improving the standard Windows 10 operating system. Microsoft is planning to make some major changes and improvements in the Windows 10 this year. However, one of the sad news is about the cancellation of Windows 10X OS. To recall, Windows 10X was expected to be the answer of Microsoft to Google’s Chrome OS. According to reports, this Windows 10X was expected to work side by side the original vanilla Windows 10. The news about its cancellation came from Petri. Suggesting that the Windows 10X is “not going to see the light of the day in its current form”.

Microsoft to bring more features and improvements in Windows 10
Microsoft to bring more features and improvements in Windows 10

According to reports, instead of bringing the lightweight Windows 10X as alternative to Windows 10 OS. The company is planning to bring some of its key features and improvements to standard Windows 10. Additionally, This could mean that the company is planning to being a lightweight optimized interface for its touch devices and low-end PCs. To recall, Microsoft Windows 10S is currently the lightweight operating system from Microsoft. Also, It comes with prohibiting app installation from third-party source.

Windows 10X reportedly cancelled:

According to previous post, the all new Windows 10X was likely to be the lightweight version of vanilla Windows 10 OS. It was likely to take on the Google’s Chrome OS which is currently available Chromebooks. Looking at previous leaks, the Windows 10X included a simplified interface, an new style Start Menu with no Live Tiles, improved multitasking feature, and a special app center for performance and security features. Meanwhile, According to The Verge, Microsoft’s plan was to build a stripped back, streamlined and modern cloud-based version of Windows 10X. But now, company will mainly focus on Windows 10 OS. The company will bring more new features and updates to Windows 10 for the improvements in its performance.

Windows 10X has been cancelled by Microsoft
Windows 10X has been cancelled by Microsoft

According to reports, the cancellation of Windows 10X could also relates with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This on going deadly pandemic could also be the cause for company to shelve several of its on going ambitious projects. Now, Microsoft is planning to extend its growth with Windows 10 devices across the world. To recall, Chrome OS is improving in the US market. As the Chrome OS is dominating in the education sector with cheap and easy to use laptops. Also Read: New Windows 10 to simplify wireless audio streaming feature with latest update

Windows 10 OS with improvements:

Keep in mind, Chrome OS is a lightweight Chrome browser based OS that can run web apps only. Additionally, it has lot of limitations and lacks a decent hardware. With the arrival of Windows 10X, it was likely to bring better and more-low-end PCs in the market. As with the rise in component prices, the Windows laptops are getting increasingly expensive day by day. These days, Basic Core i3 laptops in comes at a starting price of Rs 30000. Whereas, the Core i5 Laptops starts a more premium price range. According to reports, the Windows 10 is getting a major “Sun Valley” update later this year. Also, This new update is likely to bring some major changes in the user interface. Beside new icons, Windows 10 is likely to get a MacOS like action center. It may also get several other tweaks in main key areas.

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