Google Photos to simplify image search with enhanced filters

Google Photos could soon bring enhanced filters to simplify the image search feature. This will allow users to easily find any particular image from the gallery.

Google Photos is soon likely to get new image search filters. These filters will improve image search. As for now, the Photo-sharing come storage app only allows photo searching based on people, places or pets. This new search filters will remove the hassle of going through complex procedure. With this enhanced search filters users can easily find the photo they are looking for in Google Photos.

Google Photos: Enhanced Filters

Meanwhile, The details about this advanced image search filter is share by the reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong. She share a set of screenshots that show who the new enhanced image search filter option will be implemented in Google Photos for Android. This feature is also observe by 9to5Google. According to 9to5Google, while searching for an image, a new search filter will appear which pop out more filter options. This new search filter button can be seen right below the search bar. Below this features, users will be able to see the results directly.

According to shared screenshots, Google Photos for Android brings four new filters including selfies, videos, archived photos and motion photos. 9to5Google confirms that using these potential filters, users can easily search for select image under archived image section. On the other hand, Wong states that this feature is currently under testing phase. Therefore, it will take time for Google to bring out this feature in a stable build of Google Photos.

Enhanced Filters: How it works?

According to above tweet, the Google Photos for Android has the option to search images and videos with filters. These filters includes selfies, videos, screenshots etc. under categories section. These new filters will be time saver for the users. To recall, right now users keep scrolling until they find out their desired image or photo. Also Read: Google Lens with OCR now available for Google Photos desktop web

Google Photos to get Enhanced Image search filters
Google Photos to get Enhanced Image search filters

Beside this feature, Google recently added a new option to edit videos in Google Photos. This new video editing tool allows cropping, adding filters, tweaking contrast, saturation, brightness level, and colour grade. Additionally, these video editing options in Google Photos does not require any kind of subscription. Keep in mind, the free unlimited photo storage option for Google Photos will be ending this June. After this users will be charge for accessing cloud storage beyond 15GB. As per previous post, Google recently added Google Lens feature into the web browser. Also, This will expand the ability of browser to directly extract words from a picture saved in Google Photos. Keep in mind, Google Lens with OCR allows users to analyze text from pictures, documents, images.

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