How to get 12-months free YouTube Premium subscription with referral?

The biggest video streaming platform offers 12 months of free Premium subscription with referrals. Though the Premium subscription will not be free for the person you refer to, they still get a big discount.

YouTube Premium Subscription Referral Program

These days referral programs are the best way to earn subscribers to a service. It usually involves a person or a group of persons. In the case of YouTube, a person is given an additional discount over the regular price for a YouTube Premium subscription. With this, the referring person gets some perk as a token of appreciation. Last year, YouTube introduced a referral program for YouTube TV in February 2021. Now, the biggest online video platform service has also started the YouTube Premium subscription referral program.

Get 12-month free YouTube Premium subscription with referral program
Get 12-month free Premium subscription with referral program

What is the YouTube Premium referral program?

Under this program, the largest video streaming service offers both referrers and new subscribers a discount. Later following the footsteps, YouTube also launched the same referral program for the existing subscribers. In this program, the existing subscribers can also get an additional month of free service for every new user they get onboard.

Meanwhile, the existing Premium subscribers need to share a referral link with the new users. Furthermore, the new user must use this link to sign up for the service. With this referral link, the new users will also get access to the YouTube Premium for three months at a highly discounted price. Also Read – Redmi K40 price in Amazon India

YouTube Premium price

One of the prime questions that arise is, how much is YouTube Premium subscription for? As per official reports, the YouTube Premium membership price starts at USD 11.99/month in the US. But with the referral link, the referred users will only have to pay USD 0.99 for three months. Similarly, in India, the YouTube Premium signup with the referral link will cost only Rs 10 for three months. Meanwhile, the regular price of a YouTube Premium subscription in India is Rs 129 per month. Remember, the new discounted price will only apply to first-time subscribers. Meanwhile, this offer is not available to the former Premium subscribers.

Now, how to add someone to YouTube Premium? If a person signs up for the Premium membership and pays with the referral link, they will also get an additional YouTube Premium subscription for up to 12 months. FYI, the YouTube Premium referral program runs till May 31, 2023. Therefore, we have plenty of time to get as many users on board the service as possible. Additionally, there are some regional limitations, and this is because the referral program is still inactive in most European countries.

YouTube Premium subscription referral program runs till May 31, 2023
Meanwhile, the Premium subscription referral program runs till May 31, 2023

How to get YouTube Premium for family and friends?

Once the referral program is available, the referral program banner will automatically appear on the YouTube app for existing Premium subscribers. Furthermore, to check the YouTube referral program banner, first, open the YouTube app. Meanwhile, if the referral program banner does not appear, follow the steps below,

1. Open YouTube app on your Android or iOS device.
2. Tap on the profile picture in the top right corner
3. Select YouTube Premium benefits
4. Scroll down and tap on the “Get up to 12 bonus months” banner
5. Copy the invite link. Also Read – How to logout of WhatsApp?
6. Share this link with your family and friends.

For every new subscriber that signup for Premium service, you will also get a free month of You Tube Premium. Also Read – How to use picture in picture mode on YouTube app on iOS 14 in iPhone

How to keep track of YouTube Rewards?

To track the rewards, you need to keep track of rewards on the Reward Activity page. Furthermore, the Reward Activity page can be accessed from the Premium benefits section within the app. Remember, the referral program is listed at the bottom of the page, and you can also access the referral link from here. Also Read – How to transfer Google Play Music to YouTube Music?

The referral link will work on both Android and iOS, and it will also work on the web. In our experience, the referral program promotion banner page is also currently missing on the YouTube iOS app. This could be likely due to restrictions from Apple, and another reason could be due to the regional limitations. But we can confirm that this program is currently active in the US and India. Also Read – Microsoft Windows 11 Update for YouTube video

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