Opera GX Mobile, world’s first ever gaming-centric mobile browser

Opera brings the world’s first ever gaming-focused web browser, with the name of Opera GX Mobile. The all new web browser is available on both Android and iOS platform.

Opera, a leading web browser company, has introduced Opera GX Mobile, a mobile web browser designed for gamers. Opera GX Mobile is the mobile version of the popular Opera GX desktop browser, which offers a unique gaming experience. With Opera GX Mobile, users can easily search for gaming news, reviews, guides, and more. The browser also has many features that enhance the browsing performance and customization.

Download Opera GX Mobile and discover a web browsing experience unlike any other! Here are some of the new and exciting features of Opera GX Mobile. Also Read – Microsoft Internet Explorer, company pulls support for aging web browser

Opera GX Mobile details

Opera GX Mobile features the GX Corner, a dedicated space for gamers to stay updated on the latest gaming news and trends. The GX Corner aggregates gaming content from various sources, so users can find everything they need in one place. Users can also discover new games, get recommendations, and access game-related information.

Moreover, the GX Corner helps users save money on gaming purchases by offering deals and discounts on various paid games. Furthermore, users can easily find these offers by clicking on the deal aggregators’ link in the GX Corner section.

The GX Corner within Opera GX Mobile keeps you informed and connected:

  • Always Up-to-Date: Users can get instant access to curated gaming news feeds from various sources.
  • Dive Deeper: Users can uncover everything about their favorite games! Find guides, reviews, and insider info from trusted sources.
  • Score Big Savings: Users can snag exciting deals and discounts on paid games through integrated deal aggregators. No more hunting for the best offers!
  • Customization Matters: Users can create their own news haven! Choose which games and sources they want to follow for a personalized experience.
Four Major Themes in Opera GX Mobile
Four Major Themes in Opera GX Mobile

Opera GX Mobile is a new web browser that combines a minimal design with gaming elements. The browser draws inspiration from gaming gears and accessories, such as controllers, keyboards, and headsets. Users can choose from four different themes to customize their browser: GX Classic, Ultra Violet, Purple Haze, and White Wolf.

  • Fast Action Button

The browser also has a Fast Action Button (FAB) that provides vibration and haptic feedback for a more immersive browsing experience. The FAB allows users to switch between gaming mode and standard mode, depending on their preferences. Gaming mode offers easy access to gaming content and features, while standard mode offers a more conventional browsing experience.

  • Opera Flow Feature

Opera GX Mobile has a Flow feature that lets users connect their mobile and desktop browsers. Users can sync their browsers by scanning a QR code. The feature is secure and has a chat-like interface. Users can use Flow to send and receive files, links, YouTube videos, photos, personal notes, and more. Users can also access gaming guides and walkthroughs to learn more about any game they want.

Additional features in this gaming browser includes a built-in ad blocker, a cookie dialog blocker. It also support protection from unwanted crypto currency miners. It protect from those who are trying to access user’s device. Currently, this GX Mobile browser is available as public beta for both Android and iOS users. The same will be available for public use in the coming weeks. Also Read – Mozilla Firefox to end support for Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show from April 30

How can I customize my browsing experience on Opera GX Mobile?

Opera GX Mobile offers a variety of features that let users to customize their browsing experience on smartphone or tablet. Some of these features are:

  1. GX Mods: Users can choose from dozens of mods inspired by games and gaming culture to change the look and feel of their browser. Furthermore, the users can also customize the background music, browser and keyboard sounds, and live wallpapers. To select and activate chosen mod, open the main menu and select Mods and choose favorite mod.
  2. GX Corner: Users can access the latest gaming news, deals, and releases from the GX Corner, a dedicated space for gamers. Additionally, users can also discover new games, get recommendations, and access game-related information. They can find the GX Corner icon on the bottom bar of the browser.
  3. Fast Action Button: Users can navigate faster and easier with the Fast Action Button (FAB), which is always in thumb’s reach and provides haptic feedback. They can also switch between the FAB and standard navigation in the settings.
  4. Flow: Users can connect their mobile and desktop browsers with Flow, a feature that lets them send links, videos, files and notes in a single click. They can also sync their bookmarks, history, and passwords across devices. To use Flow, just scan a QR code to pair devices.


These are some of the ways users can customize their browsing experience on the GX Mobile extension. Furthermore, they can also use the built-in ad blocker, messengers, player, and pin-boards to enhance your browsing performance and convenience.

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