Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 world’s first 10Gbps 5G modem

Leading American semiconductor company, Qualcomm, is ready to introduce its advanced 5G solutions. The highlight of the launch is the cutting-edge Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 5G modem, designed to revolutionize connectivity. In addition to the modem, Qualcomm unveiled a state-of-the-art RF Front End (RFFE) solution, specifically engineered for high-performance 5G smartphones. The company also presented the second generation of its Fixed 5G Wireless Access (FWA) platform. The most significant revelation is that the latest premium smartphones enabled with 5G will be equipped with the Snapdragon X65 5G modem, marking a new era in mobile technology.

Snapdragon X65: World’s First 10Gbps 5G Modem

With Snapdragon X65 5G, Qualcomm can offer blazing-fast 5G speeds with the world’s first 10 Gigabit 5G modem. This allows unprecedented downloads, smoother streaming, and ultra-responsive gaming on the latest premium smartphones. Furthermore, The next-gen RFFE solution pushes the envelope in power efficiency and performance, minimizing battery drain and ensuring your 5G experience lasts longer.

Qualcomm has announced that its Snapdragon X65 modem represents a significant leap forward in 5G technology, surpassing its initial modem-RF module. The company asserts that this current modem is capable of attaining the ultra-fast, fiber-like 5G speeds that are now accessible. Furthermore, the Snapdragon X65 modem is designed to maximize the benefits of network flexibility, capacity, and coverage space, offering an unparalleled 5G experience.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 5G Modem adapts to any 5G network with ease. It maximizes every network’s potential, ensuring a seamless, consistent 5G experience wherever you roam. Its cutting-edge technology unlocks unprecedented network capacity. This means more connected devices, smoother data flow, and less lag for everyone.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon X65 Modem: Representational Image
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X65 Modem: Representational Image

Snapdragon X65 5G Modem with modem-to-antenna solution

Qualcomm’s 4th-generation 5G modem-to-antenna solution, the Snapdragon X65, is a game-changer in the world of 5G technology. This groundbreaking modem is the world’s first 10 Gigabit 5G modem and the inaugural 16-modem-RF 3GPP release. Crafted using an advanced 4nm manufacturing process, the Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 is set to redefine connectivity.

Similar to its predecessor, the Snapdragon X60 third-generation modem, the X65 will simultaneously harness data from sub-6 GHz mmWave bands. This innovative approach is likely to achieve the perfect balance of high speed and low latency. For clarity, mmWave refers to a specific set of 5G frequencies designed to deliver ultra-fast speeds over short distances.

The X65 boasts unprecedented low latency, making real-time applications like VR gaming and remote surgery feel utterly instant. Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 is an energy-efficient beast. Meanwhile, this future-proof technology will power everything from connected cities and smart homes to self-driving cars and immersive AR experiences.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 modem: Features and Specs

Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 Modem is designed to support all globally commercialized mmWave frequencies, including the newly introduced n259 (41 GHz) band. This state-of-the-art 5G modem boasts a 1000 MHz bandwidth, enabling it to reach a maximum speed of 10 Gbps. However, it’s important to note that real-time download speeds may not reach these theoretical maximums.

Qualcomm has made a commitment to enhanced power efficiency with the X65 modem. Additionally, this modem is equipped with the PowerSave 2.0 feature, which is based on the modern power-saving technology known as 3GPP Release 16 Connected-Mode Wake-Up Signal. This feature is designed to optimize power usage, ensuring longer battery life for devices. Also Read: Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 870 5G

Qualcomm’s Press Release

“As of now the company is achieving some of the remarkable milestone with this latest Snapdragon X65 5G Modem-RF System. This modem is unleashing connectivity up to 10 Gbps and support for the latest 5G specifications that will play a critical role in enabling new 5G use cases not only for redefined premium smartphone experiences, but also opening a new set of possibilities for 5G expansion across mobile broadband, computer, industrial IoT, 5G private networks, and fixed wireless access.” says Cristiano Amon, president for Qualcomm Inc.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 Modem: mmWave & Sub-6Ghz
Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 Modem: mmWave & Sub-6Ghz

According to Qualcomm’s executive, the modem is ready to catalyze the rapid expansion of 5G technology, simultaneously improving coverage, power efficiency, and user performance. The modem’s architecture is designed to extend the product’s lifespan, thereby reducing the overall cost of ownership.

As 5G continues to penetrate new markets, including Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, Commercial Internet of Things (IoT), and Fixed Wireless Connectivity, the modem’s functionality is likely to enhance accordingly.

How does Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 modem work?

The Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 modem is a significant advancement in 5G technology. Here’s how it works:

  1. 10 Gigabit 5G: The Snapdragon X65 is the world’s first 10 Gigabit 5G and first 3GPP Release 16 modem-to-antenna solution. It’s designed to provide ultra-fast, fiber-like 5G speeds.
  2. Upgradable Architecture: The modem features an upgradable architecture, allowing for the rapid commercialization of the latest 3GPP Release 16 features into 5G mobile broadband products.
  3. Spectrum Aggregation: The modem also supports simultaneous carrier aggregation between all sub-6GHz and mmWave bands. This allows for an optimal combination of high-speed and low-latency coverage.
  4. Advanced Power-Saving Tech: The Snapdragon X65 combines the power efficiency benefits of a 4 nm process with new Release 16 power-saving features. This results in superior power efficiency and all-day battery life.
  5. Global 5G Band Support: The modem also supports global 5G bands including the new n259 (41 GHz), n70, n53.
  6. AI-Enhanced Signal Boost: The modem features Qualcomm AI-Enhanced Signal Boost to help achieve unmatched data speeds and coverage.

X65 Modem: Focus on Smart devices

Qualcomm has revealed plans to augment its new modem system with a 4th-generation 545 mmWave antenna. Despite being similar in size to its predecessor, the new antenna boasts higher transmission power and supports a broad spectrum of global mmWave frequencies.

The Snapdragon X65 5G modem-RF system from Qualcomm features an upgradeable architecture that enhances and extends across various 5G segments. Moreover, this future-proof solution facilitates additional functionality, making the Snapdragon X65 a robust choice for next-generation connectivity.

Designed for smartphones, tablets, and PCs, the Snapdragon X65 is ready to debut in products in early 2021. The modem employs the world’s first AI antenna tuning technology, promising a more compact and efficient next-generation power-tracking solution. Also Read: Dual 8K screens support for Apple’s mixed-reality headset?

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