Samsung Galaxy foldable phone, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3 official features revealed

Samsung has officially confirmed about launching the new pair of foldable smartphones at August 11 launch event. Both the Samsung Galaxy Foldable smartphone comes with S Pen support.

Samsung has publicly revealed the features of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The South Korean technology company has formally announced details about the Samsung Galaxy foldable phone. These Galaxy foldable phones are scheduled for launch at the event on August 11. In the official press release, Samsung’s TM Roh has confirmed that the launch event will take place all-virtual on August 11.

Samsung Folding Phone Soon

The newest Samsung Galaxy foldable phone will include enhanced security features. The Samsung flexible phone will have increased support for third-party apps, which will leverage the advantages of the folding form factor. Moreover, both devices will come equipped with an S-Pen stylus designed for use with foldable displays.

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3

Meanwhile, Samsung has not yet confirmed the exact name for the upcoming folding screen phone. However, Roh has disclosed that the latest models in the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip series will be launched at the Galaxy Unpacked Event. As a reminder, the next Galaxy Unpacked Event will feature multiple devices, including the launch of the Samsung Flexible phone.

  • Samsung Foldable Phone: Leaks and Rumors

According to reports, the new successor to the Fold phone is likely to incorporate the best features of both smartphones and tablets. On the other hand, the Galaxy Z Flip successor will showcase a refined style and is likely to come with a more durable design. The South Korean Tech giant plans to use much stronger materials this time for both of these foldable mobile phones.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 FOLDABLE phone
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, the next foldable phone to launch on August 11

Samsung Galaxy Z Foldable phone: Features

According to Samsung’s officials, the upcoming set of Samsung Galaxy foldable phone models in the Galaxy Z Series could revolutionize the smartphone category. Samsung is putting in extra effort this time to increase the compatibility of apps on these mobile phones. These apps will be designed to leverage the capabilities of the Samsung Flexi screen.

In collaboration with more partner apps, Samsung has enhanced the versatility of the foldable display in these third-generation Galaxy phones. For example, users will be able to enjoy watching videos in Flex mode on YouTube while simultaneously multitasking with other apps. Both the fold and the new flip phones will offer a significantly more seamless and optimized user experience. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 launch date revealed accidently by Samsung, quickly removes it

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, the next foldable phone to launch on August 11
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will come with a better fold mechanism

Samsung Galaxy Foldable phone with Improved Security

Furthermore, Samsung is collaborating closely with Google and Microsoft to enhance user data security and privacy. This trio is planning to creating an advanced security solution in partnership. Samsung’s security solutions offers safeguard to users’ Galaxy devices and data from any malicious activities. Thus, providing them with greater control over their apps, data, and privacy. With such robust safety features, users can curate their own personalized and secure experience.

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold Phone with S Pen support

The company has officially confirmed that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy foldable phones will come with support for the S-Pen Stylus. According to reports, both the Samsung Galaxy phones with the Stylus could launch together at the next Samsung Unpacked Event. Additionally, Samsung’s TM Roh also shed some light on the new One UI Watch interface.

The company has collaborated with Google to enhance the One UI Watch interface. The updated interface will seamlessly integrate with the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, resulting in improved functionality between wearables and smartphones.

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