Snapchat adds new Holi-Themed features including AR Lens, 3D Bitmojis etc.

Snapchat brings new features including over 50 new AR Lenses. Snapchat has launched other new features including 3D Bitmojis and more to let its users celebrate a virtual Holi.

Currently, Covid-19 cases are rising in India. With Holi arriving at such time, people would have to stay in their home. However, if you still want to wish Happy Holi to your friends and relatives, you can still wish them virtually and safely by staying at your home. To wish Happy Holi to your close friends and family, Snapchat brings in a new pack of colorful stickers, AR Lens, 3D Bitmojis and more. Additionally, Snapchat has brought some additional new features for Holi festival.

Snapchat brings 50 new AR Lens:

Currently, the company is offering 50 Holi lenses to its users. These lenses are created by Snapchat community. All these latest AR Lens can be found under “Holi Hai” tab in Lens Explorer within Snapchat app. Additionally, dedicated Holi-Themed Content can be accessed under Discovery Tab. Such content is available from various famous content creator like 5-minutes Crafts India, BRUT India and PLUC etc.

Snapchat brings new features related to Holi Festival including AR Lens
Snapchat brings new features related to Holi Festival

Snapchat virtual Holi Lensathon:

Beside AR Lenses, the company has also added new Holi filters, 3D Bitmojis, Snap Map features, painted-throwing cameos and other. Previously, Snapchat organized a Holi Lensathon, where creators has to submit their AR Lens, Filters, Bitmojis etc. related to Holi festival. Now, the company has officially announced four winners of its recent Holi Lensathon via its official Snapchat website.

The Snapchat community selects winning lenses including all the AR lens related to Holi festival. The first winner shares lens that drenches a Snapchatter in flower-infused colored water. When the Snapchatter taps the caption “Bura Na Mano Holi Hai”, the flower-infused color water is infused on Snapchatter. The second winner gives the lens where Snapchatter gets to eat as many Gunjiyas as possible. The third winner provides lens where users have to burst balloons. Finally, the fourth winner provides the lens where Snapchatters can create their own Holi bonfire.

By accessing all these features, users can create and send customized Holi wishes to their friends and relatives. With these features users can celebrate Holi festival safely and securely from Coronavirus disease. In the recent times, Snapchat brings many other new features for it’s user. Daily Snapchat adds multiple new stickers, AR Lens and other 3D Bitmojis. To recall, in India Snapchat has more than 74 million active users. These users can access all the latest Holi-Themed features including all these AR Lens, stickers and 3D Bitmojis etc. Also Read: Twitter Spaces set to launch next month, users can get all the latest features related to Spaces, users can create personal rooms for chatting and other conversation

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