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The Insta360 ONE RS is a brand-new modular action camera that claims to offer diversity in hardware and user experience. The latest action camera gets a 4K Boost lens, IPX8 waterproofing, and WiFi connectivity.

Insta360 has recently introduced the Insta360 ONE RS action camera, which comes with an interchangeable lens. Similar to the Insta360 ONE R, this new action camera boasts a modular design. The Chinese camera manufacturer provides three key components for the Insta ONE RS action camera: the battery, the processor, and three quick interchangeable lenses. Users have the flexibility to switch between a conventional action camera and a 360-degree camera. Notably, the Insta360 ONE RS modular action camera also features an upgraded 4K Boost Lens, incorporating an f/1.2 aperture on a 48MP image sensor.

Insta360 ONE RS Action Camera

According to the company, the Insta360 ONE RS action camera is capable of capturing highly detailed wide-angle photos and videos. The enhanced processor brings improvements in in-camera stabilization, audio quality, and other aspects. Additionally, the new 4K Boost Lens is designed to be compatible with the older Insta360 ONE R generation action camera, enabling existing users to upgrade their components and enjoy the latest features.

Insta360 One RS action camera launched with 4K interchangeable lens
Insta360 One RS action camera launched with 4K interchangeable lens

The cross-compatibility feature of the Insta360 ONE RS 4K action camera works both ways. Not only can it utilize the existing 5.7K 360 Lens and the 5.3K 1-inch Wide-Angle Lens designed by Leica, but it also supports these lenses itself. These lenses are equipped with a 1-inch type image sensor, which enhances the overall image quality. Regardless of the lenses used, the 4K camera delivers excellent built quality. Additionally, the Insta360 ONE action camera is waterproof and can withstand depths of up to 5 meters.

New 4K Boost Lens on Insta360 One RS

The primary target audience for the 4K Boost Lens includes athletes, adventurers, and content creators. These new lenses have the capability to capture 4K video at 60fps and take high-resolution still images with a resolution of 48MP. Additionally, the F/2.4 lens has a focal length equivalent to 16mm in 35mm optics, providing users with a wide-angle perspective. The all-new 4K Boost Lens gets two modes, including Active HDR and 6K Widescreen mode.

The Insta360 ONE RS action camera offers an Active HDR Mode, which enhances the dynamic range of the footage without causing any ghosting effect on the background. This mode also ensures that the footage remains stabilized. In addition, the camera features a 6K Widescreen Mode that enables recording of 6K footage in a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. This mode takes full advantage of the width of the 48MP image sensor, delivering stunning widescreen visuals.

Insta 360 One RS action camera box packaging with camera unit
Insta 360 One RS action camera box packaging with camera unit
  • FlowState Stabilization

The all-new Insta360 ONE RS Core action camera can deliver the company’s proprietary FlowState Stabilization with its hardware. With stabilization feature, the users are no longer required to process the footage via the Insta 360 app to get stabilization. No matter how you spin your camera during filming, the FlowState Stabilization keeps your horizon level. However, this is still done using the app that comes with it.

  • IPX8 waterproofing

Insta360 ONE RS action camera gets the rugged design and the IPX8 waterproofing. The latest core receives some compelling upgrades, including an additional mic, a 50% faster WiFi, and an instant zoom feature. This feature can digitally zoom by up to 2.7x while recording. The Insta one camera gets a Quick menu which allows easy access to preset shooting modes.

In the latest Insta360 action camera, the mounting brackets also get a redesign. These mounting brackets get a quick-release mechanism for switching lenses on the go. The One RS camera also gets a windproof mic cover and a heat-dissipation panel. This panel will allow the Insta360 camera to cool during extended recording.

Insta360 ONE RS camera availability

While writing this article, the modular action camera Insta360 ONE RS is available for preorder via the Insta360 official website. Furthermore, the interested customers can preorder these via select retailers and the Amazon US website. Since this is a modular camera, there are multiple purchasing options. Also Read – Windows 11 operating system gets major design changes

Insta360 ONE RS comes with a 4K Boost Lens and 360 Lens in the Twin Edition
Insta 360 ONE RS comes with a 4K Boost Lens and 360 Lens in the Twin Edition

Insta360 Twin Edition Price

The modular camera Insta360 ONE RS Core comes with a 4K Boost Lens and 360 Lens in the Twin Edition. The complete set of modular action cameras with two lenses is available for USD 549.99, roughly Rs 41700.

  • ONE R products

If you want to upgrade the existing Insta360 ONE R products. Henceforth, the 4K Edition is available for USD 299.99, roughly Rs 22800. While the 1-inch Edition is available for USD 549.99, roughly Rs 41700. Insta360 also offers the core, the battery, and the mounting bracket in a separate bundle. Moreover, the ONE R Core and the 4K Boost Lens support will come in a post-launch firmware update.

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