Apple Mac Studio, Mac Studio Display with M1 ultra launched; Mac Studio review

At the March Peek Performance event, Apple officially unveils its new Mac Studio Desktop PC and Studio Display. Here, we will have an in-depth review of the latest Mac Studio.

Earlier this month, Apple held its March Peek Performance event and launched several new products, including the iPhone SE 2022 and the Mac Studio and Mac Studio Display with the latest M1 Ultra chipsets. The Mac Studio and Mac Studio Display were one of the main highlights of the event.

The Mac Studio is a new addition to the Mac PC lineup, and it looks similar to the Mac Mini, but with a slightly larger body. Apple claims that the Mac Studio is more powerful than the Mac Mini. Additionally, Apple also launched the Mac Studio Display and iPhone SE 2022 models during the event.

Apple Mac Studio and Mac Studio Display officially debuts at Peek Performance Event held earlier this month
Apple Mac Studio and Mac Studio Display officially debuts at Peek Performance Event, earlier this month

Apple Mac Studio: Price in India, Global market

During the Peek Performance event, Apple launched the new Mac Studio in two different variants. The base model of the Apple Mac Studio comes with an M1 Max processor and is priced at USD 1999 (approximately Rs 151000). The other variant of the Apple Mac Studio features the M1 Ultra chipset and is priced at USD 3999 (approximately Rs 303700 in India).

In the Australian market, the Mac Studio M1 Max version starts at AUD 3099, while the Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra version is priced at AUD 6099. Similarly, in the European market, the Mac Studio M1 Max version starts at EUR 1999, and the Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra version is priced at EUR 3999. Also Read – Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio launched, the most powerful Surface yet

Mac Studio comes with a starting price of USD 1599 in the US markets
Mac Studio comes with a starting price of USD 1999 in the US markets and Rs 189900 in India
  • India price

Apple also announced the Indian pricing for the Mac Studio. The variant featuring the M1 Max processor is priced at Rs 189900, while the other variant with the M1 Ultra processor comes with a price tag of Rs 389900. It’s worth noting that the Mac Studio device is not intended for mainstream users but rather for professionals who require a powerful machine. If you’re a professional looking for a high-performance device, the Apple Studio is an excellent option to consider.

Apple Mac Studio Display: Price in India, Global market

The tech giant also launched the new Apple Studio Display device. This new Apple Studio Display device comes with a starting price of USD 1599. While in India, this Apple Studio Display is priced at Rs 159900 for the standard Glass variant. The company has launched another variant with nano-texture glass, and this variant of Apple Studio Display is priced at Rs 189900 in India.

Apple Studio display gets a starting price of USD 1599 in the US market
Apple Studio display gets a starting price of USD 1599 in the US market

Apple Studio Display: Specifications

The all-new Studio Display comes as the latest device targeting professionals. The new Apple Studio Display sports a 27-inch 5K display. This Display is encased inside an aluminum frame. During the keynote event, Apple claims that this Display can reach a peak brightness of 600 nits. The Apple display gets P3 wide color gamut support.

Furthermore, it supports the company’s TrueTone feature. This Studio Display also gets a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera which sits on the top of the 27 inch Display. The users will mainly use this camera for video conferencing. For audio, the Display features a three-mic array. Additionally, the Studio Display also comes with a powerful six-speaker system. This system consists of four woofers and two tweeters.

Both the Apple Mac Studio and Studio display are powered by M1 Ultra chipset
Both the Apple Mac Studio and Studio display are powered by M1 Ultra chipset
  • Hardware

Under the hood, the Apple device gets an embedded A13 chip, and this chipset will help optimize performance with Apple’s Mac desktops and laptops. In terms of connectivity, the Apple Studio Display sports three USB Type-C ports, a Thunderbolt 4 port that supports up to 96W passthrough charging.

Furthermore, it gets features like Center Stage, spatial audio, and the “Hey Siri” voice command. Now, let’s take a look at the Apple Mac Studio in detail. Based on this review, users can make their decision before buying the all-new Studio device.

Apple Mac Studio: In-depth Review

The all-new Apple Mac Studio comes as a desktop PC targeted at professional creators. The latest Mac device comes with either M1 Max or the brand-new M1 Ultra chipset. Apple confirms that the M1 Ultra chipset is essentially the two M1 Max chips during the keynote event. Both the M1 Max chips are connected via a low-latency interface.

  • New M1 Ultra chip on Mac Studio

Here, the amount of unified memory and the number of CPU and GPU cores is doubled. Apple claims that this chipset offers almost twice the performance of the M1 Max chip in certain scenarios. The Mac Studio with M1 Ultra chipset is mainly for the people who need a PC to handle heavy-duty tasks. These tasks include complex 3D scene rendering, animations, and intense coding across the numerous virtual machines.

The all-new Mac Studio can easily handle the heavy duty task
The all-new Mac Studio can easily handle the heavy-duty task like animation, intense coding and more

As far as looks go, the Apple Mac Studio is an impressively compact machine. However, it is slightly bigger and bulkier than the Mac Mini. It is one, and a half Mac Minis stacked on top of each other. With such a design, it is easy to place on the top of the table or behind the monitor. Its looks make it an excellent choice for home offices and studios. With its portable design, one can easily switch its locations. In our experience, this Studio device is a combination of compact design and powerful performance at a nice price point.

The excellence of Mac Studio

This Studio device is a go-to device for creative professionals, as we mentioned above. This time Apple is offering a good number of ports on the device, and the device also includes an all-important SD card reader in the front. This compact Studio device performs exceptionally well in our testing, and it easily handles 8K video editing by utilizing AI-powered photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop and others. The thermal design of the Studio device and the power efficiency of the Apple M1 chip makes it a tempting device for professionals.

This Mac Studio can easily handle 8K video editing
This Mac Studio can easily handle 8K video editing, performs exceptionally well in our testing
  • Design

If you already own an Apple Mac Mini, you will like the design of the new Studio device. The all-new Mac Studio looks like a beefed-up version of the Mac Mini. The complete device is built up from a single aluminum extrusion. Furthermore, it gets a square footprint of 7.7-inch, and is 3.7-inch high. These dimensions make it an impressively compact computer. The size of this Studio device is remarkable considering the size of the other workstation desktop PCs.

For instance, the all-new Apple Mac Studio is even smaller than the Corsair One i300. This compact size is possible due to the presence of the M1 Max or M1 Ultra chip. The Apple M1 chipset includes a processor, a GPU, and unified memory. These components are packed inside a single unit that takes much less space than the separate components that power a traditional PC.

Apple M1 Ultra powered Mac Studio box packaging, our review unit
Apple M1 Ultra powered Mac Studio box packaging, our review unit

On the other hand, the M1 Ultra chip brings improvements performance-wise. There is no other PC in the market that can offer this level of performance in such a compact chassis. The Mac Studio will appeal to users who only have a little space to work with or like minimalist arrangements. Also Read – Apple Spring Event 2022: new iPhone SE, new iPad Air and much more

  • Weight and Dimensions

Dimension-wise, both the M1 Max and M1 Ultra powered Mac Studio gets the same dimensions of 9.5 x 19.7 x 19.7 cm. However, the Apple Studio with M1 Ultra feels noticeably heavier at 3.6kgs. At the same time, the Studio model with an M1 Max chipset weighs around 2.7kgs, which may be related to the M1 Ultra’s need for a larger copper thermal module.

At the same time, the M1 Max uses lighter aluminum heatsinks. With this weight and dimensions, the Mac Studio is extremely portable and easy to set up anywhere, especially compared to traditional desktop PCs.

  • Heat Dissipation in Apple Mac Studio

All that power in such a compact area generates heat. So, for heat dissipation double-sided fans circulate air through the Mac Studio to keep things cool. Combining that with the M1 Max and M1 Ultra processors’ power-saving design gives you a compact PC that can execute intense tasks without overheating.

The back layout with all the connectivity ports and power port
Apple Mac Studio all the connectivity ports and power port
  • Connectivity

The Mac Studio also comes with a good range of connectivity options in terms of connectivity. These include four Thunderbolt 4 ports, a 10Gb Ethernet port, two USB-A ports. It also gets an HDMI port and audio jack on the back, plus Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. Furthermore, there is an SD card slot at the front. It sits along with the Two USB Type-C ports. It is good to see that the tech giant continues to provide plenty of connectivity options with its professional-grade hardware.

The front-facing ports make it easy for users to plug-in devices. Furthermore, the power button is positioned on the back. Additionally, the power supply is also built into the Mac Studio, and there is no external power brick. In the M1 ultra model, users can plug in four Pro Display XDR monitors and a 4K TV.

No Monitor with Apple Mac Studio

The all-new Mac Studio comes without any monitor. A Commonplace user will find it odd to buy this Apple product without a monitor or other peripheral. Apple claims that users can use their Studio device with their existing keyboard and mouse. However, if you don’t already have those peripherals, you’ll have to throw in the cost of additional accessories. Furthermore, there is no HDMI cable also. So, if you don’t have one, you’ll have to buy a very costly one.

The latest device also gets the most necessary SD card port at the front along with USB Type-C port
The latest Studio device gets the most necessary SD card port at the front along with USB Type-C port
  • Performance

With the announcement of the latest Studio device, Apple threw some big claims. The Cupertino based tech giant claims that the new Apple Studio is 50% faster than the current MacBook Pro 13-inch model with an M1 chipset. Furthermore, Apple says that it offers 3.4 percent faster graphics than the most powerful new iMac.

Moreover, it is 80% faster than the Mac Pro with a 28-core Intel Xeon processor. Additionally, it can even support up to 18 streams of 8K ResPro video. These claims from the Cupertino tech giant refer to the capabilities of the latest Mac Studio device about the new M1 Ultra. Also Read – Apple Beats Studio Buds launched in US, AirPods for Android Devices

Apple M1 Ultra chip is more of the dual M1 Max chips
The all-new Apple M1 Ultra chip is more of the dual M1 Max chips

Apple New M1 Ultra chip: Review

Before going into the detailed performance review, the Apple M Series M1 Ultra chip is one of the historical offerings. This M1 Ultra chip is essentially the two M1 Max chips. These chips are connected using a super-fast and low latency connection. The new MacBook Pro 14-inch and MacBook Pro 16-inch models debuted with the Apple M1 Max processor.

With M1 Ultra, Apple took a clever step to produce the M1 Ultra without altering the M1 Max chipset. It suggests that Apple can design chipsets with improved performance without affecting the previous design. Furthermore, Apple doesn’t have to make the new chipset from scratch. Additionally, it will also avoid the sort of stock shortage.

  • General Performance

The Apple Studio comes with both M1 Ultra and M1 chipset for performance. This machine is aimed towards creative professionals. With M1 Ultra, Apple has already shown how well they can perform for creative workloads. During the Apple Keynote event, the tech giant claims that this Apple Studio device is a formidable machine for video editing and intensive creative working.

Apple M1 Ultra powered Studio device our unit out of the box
Apple M1 Ultra powered Studio device our unit out of the box
  • Video Editing Performance

In Video editing experience, the Studio device easily competes with, and in some cases outperforms, desktop PCs with discrete professional graphics cards. It has the graphics horsepower to process 18 streams of 8K video on the go (as we saw in Premiere Pro), allowing us to see, edit, and apply effects without waiting for anything to render. The smoothness of the film, even with many 8K components on-screen simultaneously, is incredible – the Mac Studio was pushing out 8 billion pixels per second at one point, and it handled it brilliantly.

While 8K video editing, especially with several 8K sources, is more intensive than most people require. It is interesting to see how far the Mac Studio can be pushed. This performance easily implies that this device will be a great performer for years to come. Such future-proofing helps justify the price of the device.

Why you should purchase the Apple Mac Studio?

This level of performance will also make a great difference in users’ workflow. Creative professionals will be able to edit such high-resolution video on the go, rather than waiting for effects to load or render scenes before previewing, then re-render if you make any changes. Furthermore, users can probably discover that their working speed will considerably increase. Additionally, they can finish projects faster. Such performance will drive the Mac Studio to become more appealing for purchase.

Working on and editing complicated 3D scenarios and models is also a game-changer on the M1 Ultra-powered Apple Studio. The M1 Ultra’s GPU can use this large quantity of super-fast memory. Furthermore, this Studio device was able to load a highly complex 3D environment that took up more RAM than most discrete professional PC GPUs.

The M1 Ultra’s processing power is likewise deserving of praise. The Mac Studio excels at everything from swiftly compiling and testing code to running numerous simulated instances to test your apps on various devices. It also excels at leveraging powerful AI and machine learning in Photoshop. In the latter case, this is due to the Neural Engine, which has 32 cores in the M1 Ultra. Apple claims that this enables it to perform 22 trillion processes per second, which will aid in the speeding up of machine learning activities. It also comes with twice as many cores as the M1 Max.

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