Dell Alienware X15, X17, the thinnest gaming laptops from the company

Dell has recently unveiled its highly anticipated Dell Alienware X Series, showcasing their latest lineup of gaming laptops. The X Series introduces the company’s flagship gaming laptops, boasting cutting-edge features and impressive performance. Key highlights of the X Series include the integration of the latest Nvidia GPUs and Intel CPUs, ensuring top-notch gaming capabilities. The newly introduced models, Dell Alienware X15 and X17, are renowned for their sleek and slim design, positioning them as the thinnest gaming laptops available. Presently, these notebooks are exclusively available in the United States.

Dell Alienware X17 price

The Dell Alienware X17 stands as the thinnest gaming laptops in the series, featuring a 17.3-inch display. On the other hand, the Alienware X15 is Alienware’s slimmest 15-inch gaming laptop to date. The base model of the Alienware X15 comes with a price tag of USD 1999. While the Alienware X17 comes with a price tag of USD 2099. Both laptops are equipped with Nvidia RTX 30 series GPUs and utilize the power of 11th Gen Intel processors, ensuring exceptional gaming performance.

Dell launches its Alienware X series laptops, Alienware X15 and X17
Dell launches its Alienware X series laptops, Alienware X15 and X17

Dell Alienware X Series laptops: New Cooling System

The slimmest Dell Alienware X Series laptops owe their sleek design to a new smart cooling system, as stated in Dell’s official blog post. The company has engineered the next generation of Alienware Cryo-TechTM cooling technology, incorporating a cutting-edge thermal interface material (TIM) known as Element 31.

This exclusive material is formulated using an encapsulated Gallium-Silicone liquid metal compound. It is strategically set between the CPU and the thermal elements to effectively dissipate heat, preventing sudden spikes in core temperature. By safeguarding against excessive heat, this advanced cooling system ensures optimal system performance.

This new cooling system helps the laptop to dissipate the heat with 25 per cent improvement in thermal resistance. All this is because of the Element 31. It helps the new cooling system that drives out the hot air both from front and rear. Keep in mind, The new cooling system features a new quad fan system.

  • Thermal Control Circuit Offset

The Dell Alienware laptops also incorporates the Thermal Control Circuit Offset as an additional system cooling feature. This innovative feature allows users to set a desired temperature range, ensuring that the system operates within optimal thermal limits. Additionally, the laptops offer Tailored Power States, which provide various power options to cater to specific needs.

These power states include

  1. Full Speed (max power)
  2. Performance mode (prioritizing graphics performance)
  3. Balanced mode (balanced CPU/GPU usage)
  4. Battery saver mode (prioritizing low temperatures for extended battery life)
  5. Quiet mode (emphasizing acoustic performance).
Dell Alienware X17 comes as the thinnest gaming laptop
Dell Alienware X17 comes as the thinnest gaming laptop
  • Dell Alienware laptops: Other Features

The Dell Alienware laptops offers a range of variants. Thus, allowing users to select from different 11th Gen Intel processors based on their preferences and requirements. These gaming laptops packs in a powerful Nvidia RTX 30 Series GPUs, ensuring exceptional graphics performance. In the visual department, they feature DirectX ray tracing technology and incorporate features like low blue light technology for reduced eye strain.

The Dell gaming laptops offer a 4K UHD resolution with HDR 400 support, delivering stunning visual quality. Additionally, they support a Full HD 360Hz display, offering smooth and immersive gaming experiences. Additionally, there is also a Windows Hello IR camera sensor which is available for security verification processes. On the other hand, Alienware X17 comes with a mechanical keyboard along with Cherry MX switches. Meanwhile, these Dell Alienware gaming laptops get a low profiles of 3.5mm. Additionally, there are lots of stunning RCB lightings to amplify up the mood. Also Read: Dell Precision series, Alienware m15 Gaming model launched

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