Is your Oppo phone eligible for ColorOS 11 update in India?

Oppo has released the list of eligible Indian models that are ready to receive the ColorOS 11 update. The list includes some of the recently released smartphones.

Google’s Android 12 might be dazzling the tech world with its shiny features, but for many smartphone users, the upgrade dream remains firmly planted in Android 11 territory. While some manufacturers like Oppo speed ahead, a significant chunk of smartphones across various price points are still yearning for their Android 11 update. Thankfully, Oppo has emerged as a champion of timely update for its phones, consistently ranking among the first and fastest to roll out new versions. This proactive approach is a breath of fresh air for Oppo users eager to experience the latest software advancements.

Hope on the Horizon: Recently, Oppo released an updated list of eligible phones in India slated to receive the Android 11 update. This news brings a ray of hope for countless users who’ve been patiently waiting for their devices to join the Android 11 party. Also Read: OnePlus phones may use Oppo ColorOS in China, says officials

Oppo ColorOS Update

The updated list of eligible devices includes all the devices that are compatible for Oppo’s custom ColorOS 11. The list includes all the device that already got an update and those who are still in line to receive one. These days Oppo has started rolling out the updates to more affordable smartphones also.

The list also includes affordable Oppo phones across the A and F series. Other Oppo devices in the updated list includes devices from Reno, Find X and A series. All these devices are likely to receive the ColorOS 11 updates in coming months.

Oppo updated the list of phones that are eligible to receive ColorOS 11 update
Oppo updated the list of phones that are eligible to receive ColorOS 11 update

ColorOS 11 update on Oppo phones

As per shared updated list, there are multiple Oppo devices that will start getting the ColorOS 11 update soon in coming days. The list includes Oppo devices like

  • Find X2
  • Oppo F17 Pro, F11, F11 Pro, F11 Pro Marvels Avengers Limited Edition and F15
  • Reno4 Pro, Reno3 Pro, Reno10x Zoom, Reno2 F, Reno2 Z, Reno2
  • Oppo A52 and A9

Beside these device, the list also includes other affordable Oppo phones that will soon receive the ColorOS 11 update soon. The list of device includes

  • Oppo A5 2020 and A9 2020 (excluding 3GB RAM models)
  • ColorOS 11 beta for A55, A5 2020 and A9 2020
  • Oppo F17 to start getting the update from May 25, 2021

Currently, Oppo has started pushing the newer update on Find X3 Pro. With this newer update, the users of Find X3 Pro will get the taste of Android 12. According to rumors, Oppo could release the next version of ColorOS 12 update along with Android 12 OS later this year or at the beginning of next year. These rumors also suggest that with ColorOS 12, users can expect to see some notable visual changes and improvement in performance. Initially, the high-end Oppo phones will receive the ColorOS 12 update.

Android 12 update on Indian Devices

In India, users can get the taste of Android 12 on Google Pixel based devices. Currently, the Android 12 update is available on the Pixel 4a which continues to sell at at higher price of Rs 30000. The other Pixel devices that can access Android 12 update includes older Pixel 3a and Pixel 3 phones. The update comes with revamped Pixel UI which is based on Material You design.

Beside Google and Oppo phones, OnePlus users can try out the Android 12 Beta update on their OnePlus 9 series devices. These device includes OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. However, since it is the Beta version, the early access might have some bugs. Additionally, Xiaomi is also participating in the Android 12 Beta test with couple of its high-end models. Also Read: LG reveals the list of smartphones to receive Android 13 update

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