Google Nest Hub 2 with sleep sensing feature launched

Google’s latest innovation, the second-generation Nest Hub smart display, offers advanced sleep tracking features. This cutting-edge device, Nest Hub 2 employs Google’s proprietary low-energy radar technology, Soli, to monitor sleep patterns meticulously. Users can enjoy peace of mind with the optional sleep sensing functionality, ensuring privacy with the absence of an in-built camera.

The latest Google Nest Hub comes with a specialized on-device machine learning chip, which promises to deliver precise data analysis of sleep trends. This smart display is designed to seamlessly integrate into your smart home ecosystem, providing valuable insights into your sleep health. Also Read – Samsung Neo QLED 8K | Samsung Neo QLED TV models launched in India: Price, Specifications

Second Generation Google Nest Hub: Price

The second-generation Google Nest Hub is attractively priced at USD 99.99 (around Rs 7250), and is now open for pre-orders. This innovative smart display is accessible to customers in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, the UK, and the USA.

Interested buyers have the convenience of purchasing directly from Google’s official stores or through a selection of authorized online and offline retail partners. This Hub device boasts a palette of stylish hues—Chalk, Charcoal, Mist, and Sand—all of which are available for pre-order, allowing customers to choose the perfect match for their home décor.

Google Nest Hub 2
Second Generation Nest Hub 2

Google’s second-generation Nest Hub smart display is a cutting-edge device that offers advanced sleep tracking features that can be accessed via the Soli radar sensing chip. This innovative chip, which is based on Google’s proprietary low-energy radar technology, Soli, can monitor sleep patterns meticulously and provide precise data analysis of sleep trends.

  • Availability in India

However, the device’s availability in India is uncertain, as the Soli radar chip uses spectrum in the 60 GHz frequency range, which is currently not available for commercial use as per government regulations in India. Google has not revealed any official information about its plans to launch the Nest Hub in India. Also Read – Noise ColorFit Pro 3 launched in India with SpO2 monitoring, heart-rate tracking

To recall, The first-generation Google Nest Hub was originally launched as the Google Home Hub and sold for $149. However, it has been given a name change and some updates, and now retails for around $100. Interested buyers can find it at various online and offline retailers, where it is available in Chalk colour. The device comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Second Generation Google Nest Hub: Features

Google’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the new Google Nest Hub, which boasts eco-friendly design elements. The device’s construction includes 54% recycled post-consumer plastic, particularly in its plastic mechanical parts. Enhancing user privacy, the Nest Hub features a camera-free design. Thus, making it an ideal choice for personal spaces.

Moreover, it incorporates the innovative Sleep Sensing feature, which utilizes the Soli radar technology for tracking sleep patterns. This feature is part of Google’s efforts to improve health-related technology in everyday devices. Also Read – Amazon working on a wall-mounted Echo device, to launch soon

Google Nest Hub 2
Sleep sensing on Nest Hub 2

The Google Nest Hub’s Sleep Sensing feature is a sophisticated tool that utilizes Motion Sense technology to meticulously analyze an individual’s sleep patterns. Designed to monitor the person sleeping nearest to the device, this feature provides a detailed assessment of sleep quality.

This smart gadget can automatically detecting disturbances throughout the night, such as coughing, snoring, and variations in room temperature, offering a comprehensive overview of sleep health. This innovative use of Motion Sense, which employs low-energy radar to sense movement and breathing, represents a leap forward in sleep technology, providing users with actionable insights to enhance their sleep experience. Also Read – Microsoft could launch “The New Windows” operating system soon

Google Nest Hub: Other Features

The Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) not only boasts a sleek design but also comes with enhanced audio capabilities. It features a 50% increase in bass compared to the first-generation model, ensuring a richer, more immersive listening experience. The device also includes a Quick Gestures feature. This feature allows users to pause or play content with a simple wave of the hand. Thus, adding a layer of convenience and interactivity.

  • Entertainment on Nest Hub

For those who love streaming, the Nest Hub supports a variety of services. Interested buyers can enjoy content from YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and more for music and podcasts. When it comes to video, the device is compatible with various OTT services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon Prime. Thus, providing a wealth of entertainment options. This makes the Google Nest Hub a versatile and central part of your home entertainment setup, perfect for any room.

The Nest Hub 2 is not just a smart display. Overall, it’s an entertainment powerhouse that caters to all audio and visual needs. It comes with advanced features and broad compatibility. Enjoy your favorite media with enhanced sound and the convenience of voice-activated controls. Also Read – Google Pixel Buds A could launch alongside Pixel 5a: Report

  • Quick Gestures on Smart device

The Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) elevates user interaction with its Quick Gestures feature. Thus, allowing for intuitive control over media playback. With a simple hand movement, users can play or pause content without touching the device or using voice commands. Moreover, individuals can effortlessly inquire about their sleep quality by asking, “Hey Google, how did I sleep?”.

The all-new Google Nest Hub also integrates seamlessly with the Google Fit app. Thus, enabling users to monitor and review their sleep patterns for a comprehensive understanding of their sleep health. This smart display offers support for a healthier lifestyle through convenient, hands-free operation and detailed sleep tracking. Also Read – Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) smart display with multi-room control launched in India

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