Hyundai India to launch 6 new EVs including an electric SUV

Hyundai India has officially confirmed to bring 6 new battery-operated Electric Vehicles in the country. In this all-new EVs lineup, Hyundai will launch multiple vehicles for mass market and mass premium segment in India.

Hyundai, one of the leading automobile companies in the world. The company is planning to make a massive new investment in Indian EV space. According to recent reports, Hyundai India is planning to launch many new electric cars in India. It has announced its plans to invest Rs 4000 crore in the Indian electric vehicle (EV) market. This investment will help Hyundai develop and launch its new range of EVs in India, as well as improve the charging infrastructure in the country.

Hyundai aims to introduce 6 new electric cars in India by 2028, including an electric SUV. This move will strengthen Hyundai’s position in the Indian EV space, which is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. Hyundai’s new EVs will offer eco-friendly, affordable, and innovative mobility solutions to Indian customers. Also Read – Hyundai Creta Knight Edition launched at Rs 13.5 lakh: What’s New in Knight Edition?

Hyundai Electric Cars in India

Hyundai India’s CEO & MD S.S. Kim revealed the company’s plans to launch 6 new electric cars in India by 2028. These electric cars will include battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and will target different customer segments, such as mass market and mass premium.

Hyundai India will also offer various body styles for its electric cars, including SUV-like shapes. Meanwhile, this announcement shows Hyundai India’s commitment to expanding its presence in the Indian electric vehicle (EV) market, which is likely to grow at a rapid pace in the next few years. Also Read – Kia Motors to launch EV6, the first electric car in India by June 2022

Hyundai could launch 6 new Electric cars including electric SUV in India by 2028
Hyundai could launch 6 new Electric Vehicles including electric SUV in India by 2028

New Hyundai Platform for Electric Cars in India

Hyundai India, one of the leading automobile brands in the country, has announced its plans to launch two new platforms for its electric cars. The first one is the E-GMP modular platform, which is globally acclaimed for its high performance and efficiency. The second one is a modified platform, which will enable users to easily switch to Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs).

These platforms will support Hyundai India’s new range of electric cars, which will include different segments and body styles. Hyundai India has also confirmed its commitment to expanding its electric car lineup in India, where it currently sells only the Hyundai KONA Electric. This move shows Hyundai India’s dedication to the Indian electric vehicle (EV) market. Also Read – Apple Watch 2022 to launch with body temperature monitor, Watch Series 7 leaked

  • Complete EVs information on New Platform

Hyundai India announced its plans to launch a new platform for its future electric cars. The platform is called E-GMP, will integrate the vehicle chassis, battery, motor, and power electric system into one unit. This will allow Hyundai India to create and customize different electric cars with ease and efficiency. Also Read – Govt set to make GPS Tracking mandatory for four-wheelers, will track vehicles on every route: Report

The E-GMP platform will also offer a flexible cabin, a flat floor, and a compact cockpit for a comfortable and spacious driving experience. Hyundai India claims that the E-GMP platform will help it lead the development of future electric vehicles (EVs) in India. Furthermore, Hyundai claims that with this dedicated BEV platform will lead the development of future electric vehicles (EVs).

An all-new dedicated platform for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) with include complete information about the cars including SUVs
The dedicated platform for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) will include complete information about the vehicle
  • Modular Platform for electric cars with different body forms

The new platform is modular, which means it can support different body forms for various customer preferences. Furthermore, this platform also has a flexible battery system, which can adjust to different power and range requirements. This will help to reduce the overall costs and increase the efficiency of the battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

The modular platform will be used for the upcoming Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric sedan. To recall, Hyundai recently launched its all-new Ioniq 5 . Meanwhile, this latest Sedan promises a spacious and stylish driving experience with its unique design and cutting-edge features.

Furthermore, the platform will also be used for the new-generation Hyundai KONA Electric SUV, which is already available in India. Also Read – Cinematic Wallpaper and New Media controls on Android 13; new OS to offer exciting features

Hyundai India to launch electric cars with high battery capacity and speed

Hyundai India has announced its plans to launch electric cars with numerous battery packs. These battery packs will have a massive capacity of up to 77.4 kWh, which will allow the electric cars to run for longer distances. The electric cars will also have the option to switch between 2WD or 4WD, depending on the road conditions.

Additionally, the electric cars will be based on the new BEV platform, which will have a low center of gravity for better stability and performance. The BEV platform will also use Ultra High Strength Steel construction and an 8-point battery attachment system for enhanced safety and durability. Also Read – Realme GT 2 with Snapdragon 888 launched in India; first impressions

  • Features on upcoming EVs in India

Hyundai India has also designed the electric cars with increased interior space, which will offer more features to the customers. Some of these features are a sliding console and sliding 2nd row seats for more comfort and convenience. Hyundai India claims that the electric cars can reach up to 260 km/hr in India. This is one of the highest speeds for electric vehicles in the country.

Hyundai will also be launching a dedicated platform for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)
Hyundai will also be launching a dedicated platform for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs)

Electric SUV in India: Hyundai KONA

Hyundai Motor India Ltd., led by MD & CEO S S Kim, has announced its plans to launch 6 new electric vehicles (EVs) in India by 2028. Meanwhile, this is part of Hyundai’s commitment to the Indian customers.

In India, Hyundai vehicle owners have been enjoying the most innovative and technologically advanced mobility solutions for over 25 years. Hyundai has been a pioneer in the electric mobility revolution in India, with the launch of the country’s first electric SUV, the Hyundai KONA Electric, in 2019. 

With the expansion of its battery electric vehicle (BEV) line-up, Hyundai aims to redefine the mobility space. The automobile makers offer eco-friendly, affordable, and versatile electric cars to the Indian market. Also Read – When BSNL entered OTT race with BSNL Cinema Plus Service

Meanwhile, the Automobile brand has no intention of just introducing new electric vehicles. Furthermore, as a brand Hyundai intends to extend the charging environment, which would necessitate significant infrastructure expenditures. Also Read – Apple TV app now available on Android TV platform

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