Discord Launches New Soundboard for Enhanced Chat Experience

Discord brings an all-new in-app soundboard feature. This feature will allow users to play sounds in voice channels to add some fun. With this latest feature, they can even troll a friend and create a unique and engaging environment.

Soundboard for Discord app

Users may interact with one another by voice, text, and video on the well-known communication network Discord. Recently, Discord has introduced several new features, including Nitro, super emoji reactions, themes, and avatar decorations. Now, this communication app has introduced an in-app feature called Soundboard for Discord. In this article, we will take a closer look at this latest Discord Soundboard features, its Sounds and explore how they can enhance your Discord experience.

The popular communication platform brings a new in-app feature with the name of Soundboard for Discord
The popular communication platform brings a new in-app feature with the name of Soundboard for Discord

What is Discord Soundboard?

The Discord soundboard is an in-app feature that you can use during voice channels. Discord Soundboard allows users to play custom sounds and music during voice chats. With this Sound board feature, users can add a bit of fun and personality to their conversations. Earlier, this feature was available as an experiment to limited communities. Now, the communication platform is rolling out this feature for all.

How Soundboard works on Discord?

Simply upload the sounds you want to use to your server, then press the soundboard button to play them. But this feature is available on Discord desktop app. These uploaded sounds are saved on the server’s soundpack. Moreover, the fellow community members can also use these sounds within the Voice Call. Also Read – Google Android new features including read later

Discord Nitro subscribers can use these soundpacks across the servers. For Nitro members it works exactly like emojis and stickers. You can access the Discord Soundboard Windows or Discord Soundboard for Mac app on your device. If you are using Discord Soundboard on Phone you’ll hear the sounds. But, there is a catch, with Discord Soundboard Android app you cannot upload or create your desired sounds.

  • Official Discord Update

Kelly Slone, the director of product communications said, “The official Discord Soundboard App is still under improvement.” As you all know, earlier, we had to rely on the third-party Soundboard apps, if we want to use a soundboard with Discord. In simple words, Soundboards are new way to interact in Voice channels using sounds curated by the community.

How to use Soundboard for Discord?

A custom soundboard can be something to think about if you want to enhance your Discord server. Like custom emojis and stickers, a sound board allows your community to express themselves in unique ways. Using Sound board on Discord is easy. Also Read – Discord vs Clubhouse: What’s the difference?

Within the Discord app, you can search for sounds on the new Soundboard feature
Within the Discord app, you can search for sounds on the new Soundboard feature

To get started, hop into any voice channel in your server and you’ll see a new button next to Activities that looks like a music album. On Discord app, press that button, and you’ll bring up the Soundboard panel. From there, you can select any sound from your server’s soundpack and play it during the voice chat.

One thing to note is that at launch, Soundboard can only be used or managed on Discord desktop app. However, Discord mobile app users can still hear any sounds you play, so they’re in the loop when a HONKHONK happens.

How to Add Soundboard Sounds using Discord for Desktop?

When the Soundboard panel is open, you may browse the sounds that are offered and play any of them by clicking on them. By selecting “Add Sound,” you may also add your own sounds to the server’s soundpack.

It’s important to note that the server owner and administrators have control over which sounds are added or removed from the soundpack. So, it’s important to get their approval before adding any sounds. Also Read – How to increase the upload speed in Jio?

Uploading a sound on a custom sound board, which can be later used
Uploading a sound on a custom sound board, which can be later used

Overall, Soundboard is a fun feature that adds another level of interaction and engagement within Discord servers. Whether you use it to play music clips, sound effects, or memes, it’s a terrific way to improve the overall community experience. Also Read – Realme 10 Pro Series 5G price in India

Uploading & Moderating Soundboard Sounds

A nice QUACK QUACK is always entertaining, but there are many of different sounds you can make and broadcast to your neighborhood. Similar to how emojis and stickers can express a wide range of ideas and inside jokes, Soundboard provides an audio equivalent of this form of expression.

  • How to Upload Sounds on Soundboard for Discord?

You must either be the owner of the server you wish to upload the sound to or have the “Manage Server” access in order to add a new sound to the Soundboard. If you have the necessary permissions, go to Server Settings and look for the Sound board section. From there, you may share a new sound with your community by uploading it.

How to upload sounds on Soundboard for Discord, can be uploaded in different file format
How to upload sounds on Soundboard for Discord? A sound can be uploaded in different file format

Permission management Soundboard for Discord

Keep in mind that the Discord server owner and administrators have control over which sounds are added or removed from the soundpack. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to ask for their permission before adding new sounds. With Soundboard, you can add a new level of fun and entertainment to your Discord community.

Moderators have the ability to restrict the usage of the Sound board feature to specific channels. They can create new roles by adjusting the new “Use Soundboard” permission. Additionally, similar to emojis and stickers, you can limit the use of external soundpacks by utilizing the “Use External Sounds” permission.

  • Sound edit functions on Soundboard for Discord

After uploading your sound file, you have the option to modify its name. You can set the sound’s default volume for all users. Furthermore, you can select an emoji that will appear in Voice when the sound is used. Moreover, you can upload your sound effects and experiment with naming them with onomatopoeic words like “awOOOga” or “honk honk” to see which ones work best.

While editing, you can set a related emoji for the specific sounds on this in-app feature
While editing, you can set a related emoji for the sounds on the Soundboard for Discord
  • Using Sounds Across Server with Nitro

The advantage of Soundboard for Nitro subscribers is comparable to that of emoji and stickers. It implies to those users who have subscribed to Discord Nitro can utilize all the soundpacks provided by their communities in any server they belong to. However, this is possible on one condition provided that their server permissions allow them to do so. Beside this, Your Nitro subscription includes later features. The ability to use soundboards across different servers is one of the prime features.

  • Accessibility Options for Discord’s Soundboard

Discord Soundboard adds an extra element of fun and enjoyment to any voice call. Although, we understand that some people may not prefer hearing sound effects during a conversation. Therefore, community administrators can set default volumes for their audio effects. Moreover, you also have the option to adjust the default volume of all Sound board sounds for your own preferences.

To change the default volume of Soundboard sounds,

  1. Head into User Settings.
  2. Choose Voice & Video.
  3. Select Soundboard option.
  4. Find the slider labeled as “Soundboard Volume”

From here, you ca adjust the volume levels to your preference. Even if you choose to set the sound board volume to zero, you will still see the associated emoji of a sound when it is played in the voice channel. This allows you to enjoy the visual element and understand the context of why everyone is suddenly laughing, even if you prefer not to hear the sound itself.

Users can also adjust the Input, Output volume of these custom sounds
Users can also adjust the Input, Output volume of these custom sounds

Other Features of Discord

Besides Soundboard for Discord, there are many other in-app features available on this communication platform. Let’s check out these Discord chat features in brief:

1. Nitro

Nitro is Discord’s subscription service that offers additional features and perks to users. Some of the benefits of Nitro include increased upload limits, animated avatars, custom emoji, and more. Discord Nitro can be purchased for a monthly or annual fee. Users that want to improve their Discord experience can take use of this feature’s many advantages.

2. Super Emoji Reactions

Users may add animated emoji reactions to their communications using the Super Emoji Reactions feature. You may use this tool to give your communications a little more individuality. It will make your message stand out from the rest. Simply choose the desired emoji after clicking the reaction button to activate this function.

Discord Super Emojis is another fun feature to add add animated emoji reactions
Discord Super Emojis is another fun feature to add animated emoji reactions

3. Themes

Discord themes allow users to customize the look and feel of their Discord interface. There are a variety of themes available, ranging from simple color schemes to more complex designs. Simply choose a theme from the theme menu and apply it to your Discord client to start using it.

4. Avatar Decorations

Avatar decorations are a feature that allows users to customize their avatar with various decorations. These includes hats, glasses, and more. You may use this tool to give your profile a little more personality. Your profile will stand out from the competition as a result. Simply choose the avatar decoration you wish to use and apply it to your avatar to use this function.


To sum up, Discord is an incredibly versatile platform that offers a variety of features to its users. The Discord soundboard, Nitro, super emoji reactions, themes, and avatar decorations are just a few of the features. These features can simply enhance your Discord experience. By taking advantage of these features, you can create a more personalized and enjoyable Discord experience. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring Discord today and see what it has to offer!


Discord Soundboard is an audio tool that lets users play sound effects and music in Discord voice channels.
As long as the soundboard is supported by the server and doesn’t contravene the community rules, anyone with a Discord account is free to utilise one.
Yes, mobile Discord users can use Soundboard, but initially they may need to download a third-party app to upload their own sounds.
Yes, Discord moderators can restrict or disable Soundboard usage on their servers if it violates the community guidelines or causes disruptions.
Yes, Nitro subscribers can use their soundboards across all servers they are a member of in Discord, as long as the feature is not restricted by the server’s settings.

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