Redmi Smart TV X43: Full Review; goes official in India with Dolby Audio and PatchWall UI

Redmi Smart TV X43 goes official in India with Xiaomi’s in-house PatchWall 4 UI based on Android TV OS. The latest PatchWall skin comes with integrated features like IMDb, New Universal Search, Kids Mode with Parental Lock, Language Universe and much more.

Redmi India officially unveiled it’s one of the highly anticipated smart TV in the country. The latest smart TV comes with the name of Redmi Smart TV X43. The device launched alongside the Redmi Note 11S and the Redmi Smart Band Pro. This 43 inch Redmi Smart TV comes with support for all HDR based formats. Furthermore, it gets a host of connectivity options along with a simple design.

Redmi Smart TV X43 in India

The panel on the smart TV offers excellent colour reproduction for both HDR and SDR connect. On the other hand, the peak brightness of this panel is lower for an immersive HDR experience. Furthermore, the audio experience is also average. Considering its price value, this Redmi TV X43 is a good option for those who are looking for a budget 4K Smart TV. Let’s check out the complete detailed review for the Redmi Smart television X43 model in India.

Redmi Smart TV X43 goes official in India with Dolby Audio
Redmi Smart TV X43, the 43-inch model goes official in India with Dolby Audio and latest PatchWall UI

Redmi 43-inch X43 Smart TV: Full Review

In India, the Chinese smart TV brand offers both 4K TV and Full HD TV option along with this 43-inch screen size. Beside this resolution game, it is more likely to be the representation of the content in HDR vs SDR. Although, 4K image look more sharper than the Full HD image. In budget TV segment, it depends on the adaption of HDR content on these smart TVs. Many a times, the SDR image looks much better than the HDR image on these budget smart TVs.

With the launch of Redmi Smart TV X43 India, the Chinese tech brand adds another member to its Redmi Smart TV X Series. This Redmi X Series now have the smart TVs available in 43 inch, 50 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch screen sizes. During the launch event, Redmi India confirms that the Redmi Smart TV X43 model comes with a price tag of Rs 28999. Moreover, it comes with all the similar features like its larger sibling. Some of the key highlighting feature of Redmi 43 inch TV includes the support for Dolby Vision and HDR.

Redmi Smart TV X43: Build and Design

As far as build and design is concerned, the Redmi Smart TV X43 is almost identical to the Redmi 43-inch Full HD TV. With minor tweaks like few points here and there, which you might not notice. The latest budget TV gets relatively smaller bezels all around. This Redmi Television is held in place by 2 simple plastic feet.

Regarding the connectivity options, the Redmi Smart TV X43 gets 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, an optical port, a 3.5mm port, AV in and an ethernet port, an antenna port. It also gets Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band Wi-Fi. Overall, it is a simple looking smart television at an excellent price point.

Redmi Smart TV X43 connectivity ports at the rear end
Redmi television X43 connectivity ports at the rear end

Redmi Smart TV X43: Display and Picture

The all-new Redmi Smart TV X43 gets the D-LED backlighting. For the peak brightness, in Vivid Preset, the peak brightness reached till 372 nits. However, in Movie and Standard preset, the peak brightness can vary between 250 to 300 nits. This value is low for all the HDR content.

The colour value on the all-new Redmi Television is perfect. Even, the grayscale value indicates good performance overall. In terms of saturation, the display performs excellent on the latest Redmi Television. All this indicates a good representation of color’s overall. Although, the brightness of the TV could be low for consuming the HDR content.

  • Average Peak Brightness

Even though the peak brightness is not that good. But it is not the biggest problem with this Redmi Smart TV X43 model. With low peak brightness, the dark sequences should not look too dark. But the colors will look good. In some content the dark areas will be quite enjoyable. However, in some it may not.

During our testing, on some occasions the content on-screen looked slightly darker than what was expected. But such moments are very few. Moreover, being a budget smart 4K TV, the device does come with a lot many settings options. This will provide users with a decent amount of control.

For Dolby Vision content there is a Dolby Vision Bright and Dolby Vision Dark option. It will keep the TV in either of Dolby Vision Bright/ Dolby Vision Dark irrespective of the lighting situation in the room. Furthermore, the HDR 10+ only gets one option. While, the HDR 10 content gets three options namely HDR Standard, HDR Vivid and HDR Movie. Based on out testing, we found HDR 10 Movie to be the best for almost all the HDR content.

The X43 gets Dolby Audio, Dolby Vision and much more
Redmi Smart TV X43 gets Dolby Audio, Dolby Vision and much more
  • 4K Content available in SDR, No HDR

These days there are variety of 4K content available on different OTT Platforms. However, some of these 4K content are available in SDR not in HDR. In case of Redmi Smart TV X43 we tried to play one such content. Based on our observation, the budget 4K smart TV does the good job in terms of reproduction of sequences. During out testing, there are almost no halo or blooming effects on the screen. The overall performance with SDR content is very good.

Moreover, the regular SDR content be it from the Set Top Box or even any Streaming services looks good on this Redmi TV. For watching movies and TV shows, we recommend to make use of the Movie preset on the Redmi Television X43. However, it’s your personal choice, as some shows or movies may look good in any different preset mode.

One of our personal suggestions would be to go to settings and switch off the motion smoothing. This is because the artificial smoothing effect does not look that good in movies especially Bollywood movies. That too remains your personal choice as you may like it.

Redmi Smart TV X43: Gaming

In terms of gaming, the budget Redmi TV X43 model is good overall. However, in our testing we did face some issues on our budget HDR TV model. In this smart TV, whenever you try to connect your gaming console for the first time. It may ask you to calibrate the brightness. After this calibration, you may realize that this TV is trying to punch the colors. This could make it look more artificial, which is not good as per our experience.

The users will then be needed to go into the settings of the game and readjust the brightness so that the content may look natural. The same issue is also seen on the Redmi Smart TV X65 model. Although, we can’t ask for much at this price point from the budget Redmi X43 model.

The 43-inch Smart TV key highlights and features in India
The 43-inch Smart TV key highlights and features in India

Redmi Smart TV X43: Audio

While playing audio for the first time on this Redmi Smart TV. The first thing that came into my mind was its loudness. When you hear any audio track from this TV, the loudness is excellent. In some cases, it can get quite loud. This loudness is perfect for a small room with ease. The all-new Redmi TV X43 also gets a bunch of audio presets to choose from.

Based on our experience, the Standard or the Movie preset gives the best results in terms of audio experience. Although, the audio does loose clarity at high volumes. Below 25, the audio volume is clear and audible with clear dialogues in TV shows. Going beyond 25, the high volumes may give shrills especially in movies and Bollywood songs. However, to really enjoy a good movie, one must have to invest in a good sound bar.

Redmi Smart TV X43: PatchWall UI

With the launch of Redmi Smart TV X43, Xiaomi still offers the best of both worlds in terms of PatchWall and Android TV. The Android TV UI has undergone some minor adjustments to bring it closer to the Google TV UI. It has a new Discover Tab. This tab shows a curation of content from different OTT apps. Furthermore, the home screen shows the mix content based on the OTT and app library. It’s an update to the Android TV UI that brings it closer to the new Google TV UI.

Users can also get the taste of PatchWall, which offers better content-first approach. A similar interface we have already seen on the Redmi 43-inch Full HD TV, Mi QLED TV 75 and even on the 65-inch Redmi Smart TV India. Moreover, it also gets integration from apps like IMDB and many more. It also gets lists for the HDR 10+ Content, Dolby Vision content and many more.

Redmi Smart TV X43 Remote and its detailed features
Redmi TV Remote X43 and its detailed features

Redmi TV X43: Remote Control

The major change comes in terms of the remote control of the Redmi Smart Television X43. The remote control gets better. However, it still lacks a dedicated mute button. On this remote control, one may find a new dedicated button for Disney+ Hotstar, a dedicated button for the app drawer.

The rest of the design and ergonomics of the remote control remains the same. Just like the older remote controls, this remote control also gets voice assistant button, D-Pad, back button and dedicated buttons to bring up the PatchWall and Android TV UI. Also Read – New Redmi TV with Android 11 OS launch in India; comes with 32-inch, 43-inch models

Final Verdict

The all-new X43 television in India is offering exactly the same features as its larger siblings. This Redmi Television is packed with most of the features including support for almost all HDR formats, a host of connectivity options and a simple design. The build is at par when compared with the budget TVs in same segment. The panel of the TV has very good colour reproduction for HDR and SDR but the peak brightness is lower than what we expected. The audio output is also average.

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